the family on the . Colle Rosso .


There are some great Italian places in Brisbane’s suburbs and Red Hill have just had their local revamped. Last September, Colle Rosso Restaurante Italiano took over Biagio on Musgrave Road and its owners (two couples – David and Laura, Marco and Lisa) have turned it into a new haven for our favourite carb-laden cuisine.

The food is fresh (pasta made in-house), tasty and just a little different from your every day Italian flavours found around Brisbane. Go for the Ravioli Di Ossobuco with a creamy Saffron sauce or for a spicy kick, order the Gnocci Con Gamberi e Zucchine. The menu is extensive so if in doubt, ask your waitress (Laura or Lisa) to pick you the best or opt for the special. This place is really one for fat pants – the servings are generous, the toppings are full and flavoursome and the pastas are filling.  Always save room for dessert – the tiramisu made from an original Italian recipe is big enough to share and a must.

There’s something about suburban restaurants – the easy, open spaces and contemporary feel mixed with a bistro-esque ambience. The tomato red walls are an open family photo album of black and white prints from the couples’ own collection with everything from nonno devouring a bowl of pasta, to group shots with the kids on the farm. Poems and quotes painted on tiles in Italian remind you of something in nonna’s living room and add another family touch. The lighting is dimmed but not too moody. The space is open (nobody eavesdropping on your conversation) and perfect for both large family celebrations and weeknight date night.

The service is personable with a family touch. Lisa and Laura treat you like guests at a family gathering, explaining the menu in depth, including the origins of each of your dishes. They are consistent, bringing every table the same level of service showing just how passionate they are about where they come from and what they deliver, rather than just ploking a meal down in front of you. The team have obviously put a lot of thought into their menu to deliver Brisbane a list of dishes that are unique to their hometowns of Rome and Sardinia, introducing us to a world beyond your usual selections. So don’t think you have to trek through the inner city precincts to find great Italian – the suburbs are doing us just as well.

The Specifics
My food will cost: starters 6-12 / antipasti 16-23 / pasta 20-25 / pizza 16-24 / secondi 28-33 / dessert 10-18 / kids menu 10-12
Show me the menu

My beverages will cost: beer and wine 6.5-11.5 / coffee & tea 3.5-4 / cocktail 14 / spirits, liquers, digestives also available
Show me the drinks menu

Good for: large family celebrations, weeknight date night, takeaway, cravings for real Italian food

Useful Stuff
fb: /ColleRossoRistoranteItaliano
p: +61 7 3369 7417
a: 191 Musgrave Road, Red Hill 4059
ot: mon – thur 1700-2200; fri-sun 1200-2200

Colle Rosso Ristorante Italiano on Urbanspoon

Date of Visit: Thursday 20/12/2012
Written: Sunday 23/12/2012

* FMNBrisbane was a guest at Colle Rosso

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